Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gui in development for Mephisto v1.12

I spend most of my weekend working on the GUI for Mephisto v1.12. This will be the first official release with a GUI. Other things to look forward to is a few bug fixes and improvement. The GUI in v1.12 will basically be an interactive terminal window with buttons and message boxes for input. The goal for v1.13~v1.14 will be completely non-text. The default restore disc is a modified version of the Gentoo minimal installation disc and does not contain a graphical environment. I am not sure if I want to host another type of restore disc because I already maintain two (one for 32bit and 64bit) and that is a lot of work and bandwidth to offer. Supporting a GUI live CD will result in maintaining 4 CD’s for each release. In short, Mephisto v.1.11 and v1.12 have an option to create a custom restore disc. People wanting the graphical version of Mephisto can create a custom disc with any bootable Linux distro. What do you think of the GUI?

Try it out!

(Please place feedback as a comment to this post)

tar xf mephisto-1.12.tar.gz

cd mephisto-1.12


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