Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mephisto Backup v1.12 released!

Mephisto Backup Website:

[1.12 Current Features]
* Includes Mephisto LTS release 110.4 so users can switch to a stable release if desired.
* Big bug fixes
* Partitioner can create LVM partitions.
* Partitioner has less clutter and is easier to read.
* LVM support - Includes a utility to manage LVM. Disabled for backup/restore process.
* [1.12 Code Improvements]
* - Creates GUI launcher after the terminal launcher is generated.
* Messageparser - All print messages go through this function.
* - searches for Fedora (initramfs) ram images in /boot instead of only initrd images.
* -Fixed a bug in home dir backups that required the user to exclude file types.
* - Fixed bug with Specific directory backup that required the user to exclude file types.
* - Bug fixes
* Fixed bugs in