Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Gentoo Setup

I spent two weeks perfecting my perfect Gentoo Desktop. I also wrote a simple utility to make emerge better to my needs.

My make.conf, gentool.pl, and initial applications that I install are located here:


My apps.sh and make.conf will get you a perfect Xfce4 user desktop.

What is gentool pl?

It is a wrapper around emerge that logs everything you see on your screen to /var/log/gentool.log

To update a system: gentool.pl update . After an update, rev-dep is ran several times to fix any update issues automatically.

To run revdep-rebuild multiple times to fix your system: gentool.pl rebuild

To look for packages in the repo: gentool.pl find ssh

To see installed packages: gentool.pl installed ssh

Sync your database: gentool.pl sync

How to get the latest version?

svn co http://mephistobackup.googlecode.com/svn/branches/gentoo
chmod +X gentoo/gentool.pl
chmod 755 gentoo/gentool.pl